Cars for cash Edmonton

Cars for cash Edmonton quick & easy process

Edmonton is known for its icy roads and the weather might cause car accidents and the rate of car damage is relatively high. A lot of damaged cars are stored in garages covered in layers of dust. If you own one of these, please don’t hesitate to call us. We have the best offers for cars for cash Edmonton. 

Junk cars for cash

There are several ways to gain extra money, one of them is to check your unused assets. Do you know that a junk car can be considered as an asset? You can take a look into your garage, if you own a damaged car, whether slightly or severely, you can sell it immediately. You can get free junk car removal near you. Give us a call or check our website for details. You can sell your damaged car at cash for dollars4cars. We guarantee a wonderful experience. 

Cars for cash Edmonton
Cars for cash Edmonton

Scrap car prices Edmonton

Many people don’t know the worth of a scrap car. They think it’s a worthless piece of junk. On the contrary, you can get instant cash. When we say instant, it really means instant. The whole process can be finished in an hour. You will gain cash on the spot, and your car will be towed for free.

Cash for cars near me

With some steps, you can sell your damaged car.

  • The first step is to call our numbers, our team will be ready to receive your call. You will be asked some questions about the model and condition of the car along with some other details.
  • You can also use the website to fill out an application. Using any of the two ways, an offer with the best price will be sent to you.
  • Then, you just need to accept the offer, and also make sure you have the ownership papers. One last step is that you schedule a time for towing.
  • The last step is that our team will come to tow your car, finish some paperwork, and hand you your cash. 

We buy cars less than perfect

Some people search for cars for cash Edmonton, they might visit junkyards and companies offering the same services. They discover that some junk yards only buy cars that are in good condition. We are different regarding our conditions of buying. We buy cars that are rusted or have corrosion inside out. We can also buy damaged cars that were caused by harsh weather or floods. We accept cars that have mold or moisture under the spare tire or on the carpet. We definitely buy cars that have a blown engine or even totaled cars.

Cars for cash Edmonton
Cars for cash Edmonton

How can I make money with a used car?

Sometimes, there are damaged cars from an accident. The car is not totaled and the insurance company will hand you a check to fix it. Fortunately, you can benefit from both the insurance company check and the cash handed to you when you buy your wrecked car. The cars for cash Edmonton service is best at Dollars4cars.

How would you know that our prices are the best?

Some people choose to take their cars to a junkyard. Most probably, you will be given a number that is near $500. If you choose to sell it online, it will be difficult to get the price that you dream of. Dollars4cars will give you top dollar for your unused car. You can check with other websites, you will find that we offer the best prices. The sum given to you is a fair market value of your car. You can get your cash by following the steps mentioned earlier. If you are searching for cars for cash Edmonton, you will surely find our company to be the best.


 Sometimes, you may not notice that you have a fortune at hand. You are still searching for funding for your project when you have a valuable piece parked in the driveway. Dollars4cars promises a smooth process of selling your car. Cars for cash Edmonton is an easy and sure bargain.

Cars for cash Edmonton
Cars for cash Edmonton