Scrap Cars for Cash Edmonton

Scrap Cars for Cash Edmonton

You want to know how to scrap cars for cash Edmonton. Probably you will just drive it up to the scrapyard, the scrapper is going to weigh it up, give you a quote and then you get cash. Surely, it could work like that, but you’ll end up with nothing compared to what you can get. On deciding to scrap cars for cash Edmonton, you would better know how to get the most money out of it.

Sale Your Junk Car & Scrap Cars for Cash Edmonton.

You may think junk & scrap cars for cash Edmonton are not real thing, yes they are! In Dollars4cars we know how to fairly value your car and how to give you a generous payment for it.

How Do You Know If It Is The Time To Junk Your Car?

  •         Age : if you have a very old vehicle, maybe it is time to junk it & scrap cars for cash Edmonton . Keep in mind that many newer cars would be scrapped before the older ones if they experienced more problems and were not able to be fixed.
  •         Damage : if the car is missing important parts (e.g., transmission, motor, tires) or it was severely deteriorated or mangled or been in an accident, then it is ready to be junked.

And many other reasons these are some questions you can ask yourself to help you determine the time to junk your car:

  •         Is my car spending more time sitting than running?
  •         Am I afraid to drive my vehicle?
  •         Isn’t there anyone who can buy my car?
  •         Is my car safe to drive?

Overall, there is no clean cut about when is it time to junk your car . For example, a new car could get in an accident and become totaled, and then it can right away go to junk.

scrap cars for cash edmonton

Now, you know how to junk or scrap cars for cash Edmonton and decided to go for it, then you would need to do the following things:

  •         Take all of your personal belongings:

A lot of thoughts of our cars as our second home. So it is on you to take out all of your personal belongings especially your documents out of your car.


  •         Prepare your needed paperwork and car title.
  •         Remove plates.
  •         Cancel your car insurance (if exist):

Don’t forget to cancel your on hand insurance before deciding on scrap cars for cash Edmonton. You can pull off a good relationship with the insurance company you deal with, by informing them that you will junk your car.

How are scrap cars for cash Edmonton and junk cars calculated?

Many factors affect how the car is priced. The care location, the salvage value of the car pre accident, the degree of electrical and mechanical damage, its make, model and age have an important role in the car pricing process.

For example, a 25 year old car that doesn’t start or run, won’t be priced like a 2 year old sports car with collision damage. It is not easy to predict the exact amount of money that your car is worth, however you can find out by requesting a quote.


scarp cars for cash edmonton
recycling cars

Recycling Cars

We help the environment by recycling vehicles, as every year around 500,000 vehicles in Canada reach the end of the line and cannot be used any more for many and varied reasons like:

. A bad accident

. A damage in a major mechanical component or system

. Floods and other natural disasters

. Fire

. Theft and stripping

. Age

. Lack of maintenance

. Reaching the point where they are not worth fixing

Nowadays, automotive recycling is an essential business, as it handles end of life cars in a way that protects the environment. It does that by salvaging reusable parts, reprocessing its scrap metal and disposing of unusable parts safely and efficiently.


scarp cars for cash edmonton


The Environmental Benefits of Vehicle Recycling and Scrap Cars for Cash Edmonton

The act of recycling numerous number of vehicles each year results in numerous benefits to the environment, such as:

  • Increasing the timeline for when finite sources of raw materials will run out.
  • Reducing air and water pollution.
  • Recycling decreases the amount of new raw materials required to produce vehicles, reducing energy demand and costs.
  • Recycling over 14 million tons of steel from junk vehicles each year. The number of vehicles recycled in the US and Canada alone is considered enough steel to build 13 million new vehicles.
  • Using recycled steel for 25% of a new car’s body.
  • Dropping greenhouse gasses by 30 million metric tons each year by recycling automotive metals.
  • Removing toxins like mercury (from switches) and sodium azide (from airbags), to avoid causing environmental damage.
  • Recycling millions of discarded old tires each year into road-building materials, roofing, playground cushioning, and other products.
  • Recycling lead-acid car batteries into new ones.
  • Decreasing energy usage by 74% and reducing steel plant emissions, with recycled metal instead of manufacturing it purely from ore.
  • Recycling fully 90% of all automotive aluminum.
  • Saving 90% of the energy needed to extract and process copper by using recycled copper instead
  • Recycling vehicle glass into products such as porcelain, flooring tiles, countertops, and jewelry.
  • Highlighting hazardous materials like chromium, lead, cadmium, and mercury in junk cars, leading to their elimination in new vehicles.
Scrap Cars for Cash Edmonton
Scrap Cars for Cash Edmonton

The Economic And Financial Benefits Vehicle Recycling and Scrap Cars for Cash Edmonton

  • Working parts from junk cars can be resold to help other cars running longer, as well as, getting rid of the need to make new parts.
  • Consumers can take in some monetary value from their vehicles, even though they no longer function.
  • The lower cost of recycled metals, in comparison with the new ones, keeps down the prices of the products they are used in.