Cash for junk cars edmonton

Get Cash for junk cars edmonton

cash for junk cars edmonton

If you are questioning your car’s reliability to get you to work, hang out with friends, and take road trips in it, then it is the time you consider changing it and getting yourself a new one. As cars are made to help us in the most convenient way in our everyday life, if not it would be of no use. You will also get cash for junk cars Edmonton.

Cash for junk cars edmonton
cash for junk cars edmonton

Why to Sell Junk Cars?

A junk car is a vehicle that does not have much value to you unless you sell it for scraps or parts, as you cannot repair it to take it back on the road. If you tried to repair a junk car, you’ll end up spending more money than you can recover, and the vehicle might also get damaged again, spending more time in a repair shop when it is not worth the fixing.

How is Car Not Worth Fixing?

To decide if your car is worth fixing or not, you’ll have to do some math. These are a few points that might tell you that your car isn’t worth fixing:

The Repairs Cost More Than the Car or The Price of a Used Car

In instances with older cars or more extensive damages, you might find that the repair cost is higher than the price of your car.

In other words, you’re spending so much money that you could buy a used version of your current car that’s actually working instead of fixing your broken car. On the other hand your repair costs aren’t quite that high, yet they’re still high.

There are cases where the repair quote is higher than the cost of a reasonably used car on the market. For example, a used car is going for about $6,000 today. If your repair costs are $9,000 on your current car, don’t you think that it would make sense to pick up a used car instead?

Cash for junk cars edmonton
cash for junk cars edmonton

You Don’t Want to Spend Tons of Money Repairing

Sometimes, people just don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to repair their cars, they would rather just get rid of the car and use that money on a new one.

Your Annual Repair Cost Exceeds Your Budget

If you set an annual budget for repairing and up keeping your car. It’s a certain percentage value of  your car’s value during that given year.

For example, if your car’s value this year is $12,000, I might set the repair budget up to around 6 thousands. If your repairs along the whole year add up to these 6 thousands, then perhaps you would call it quits and scrap the car. However, you shouldn’t expand this idea and think that your car’s lifelong repair costs should mean anything.

In other words, if you spend $12,000 over 3 years to repair your car which is now worth $12,000, that isn’t a must to get rid of the car. These are your operational costs. They’re meant to happen. It just means that your car costs around $4000 every year to operate. You should consider it a problem if repairs keep increasing within the same year.

Cash for junk cars edmonton
cash for junk cars edmonton

Why Choose dollars4cars?

  • If you want the best cash for junk cars edmonton, you would better contact us as we get your car of your hands in a fast, smooth and hassle free process. We also give you a great deal  and cash for your junk car in Edmonton. Entrust us with all the procedures and paperwork, as we have full license and authorization.
  • Keep in mind that we will not dispose off your car until our professional crew dismantle the junk car carefully, drain all of the environmentally harmful and toxic fluids, and gasses from your car. To ensure that these toxic chemicals never come in contact with the environment which will probably cause great damage to the local ecosystem. By recycling everything from your scrap cars, we reduce waste for our landfills to have a clean environment.
  • We also work with several charitable organizations. So if you want to donate your car to any of these or any of your personally preferred charitable organizations we will gladly do so too. These charitable donations also provide you with a tax credit. So going for Dollar4Cars cash for junk cars edmonton service will go a long way for you!


So if you choose Dollars4cars cash for junk cars edmonton service these are the services you are going to have:

  • Handsome payment for junk cars, trucks, vans and more.
  •  Quick and easy towing process as we’ll pick it up and tow away your junk car in 2 to 4 hours after contacting us.
  • Clean environment as we recycle cars in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Community Support by donating the car to your favorite charitable organization or ours.
  • By recycling cars, we help the environment by reducing the need to create new products from virgin materials which in turn saves energy, water and reduces mining and other production wastes.